Principal's Welcome

Welcome to St Benedict’s School Website

My name is Darren McDonald and I am Principal of St Benedict’s School in Applecross. I have had the pleasure of holding substantive leadership positions in Catholic Education since 2000.

Our school is currently transitioning to double stream and we are proud to say that new state of the art facilities will be finished by the end of 2015 to accommodate this process.

I hope you enjoy exploring our website keeping up to date with current events through our newsletter and community noticeboard section.

You are also able to get a feel for how our school operates by looking over policies and information pieces from our staff.

Here at St Benedict’s we believe in educating the whole child spiritually, socially and academically. We do this by providing a broad range of experiences that allow our students to be exposed to and developed in these areas.

Spirituality is developed in many ways. We have our Religious Education curriculum based on the Western Australian Bishop’s Guidelines as well as many liturgies throughout the school year. We join with the Parish to run the Sacramental Programme and this incorporates workshops, information nights and retreats. Of course we have daily prayer to help our students to come closer to God.

Socially students are able to feel safe and secure at St Benedict’s through our Restorative Practice philosophy in dealing with social issues. We also have solid buddy programmes along with the Making Jesus Real (MJR) programme whereby students of all grades form MJR groups and meet twice a term to interact and talk about ways we can be more like Jesus and use different social scenarios whereby the students think about what Jesus would do and then apply these actions in their daily lives. On top of this we run a Protective Behaviours unit through our Health programmes to help give students strategies to keep themselves safe in today’s society. St Benedict’s is a joyous place to be for our students with many student run activity days occurring each year.

Our curriculum is delivered through using 21st century learning pedagogies based on an inquiry based approach enabling students to be engaged through accessing, analysing, understanding and applying information. The classroom environment enhances this by being flexible and set out in zones to enable students to collaborate, access technology, work with the teacher or work independently when they need to.

Outside of school hours we run Performing Art’s Club, School Choir and training for our many sporting teams depending on the season. These extra-curricular opportunities are provided voluntarily by staff and add to a child’s all round educational experience at St Benedict’s.

Please feel free to use our website to find out as much as you can about our school. To really experience what our school is like I encourage you to download our “Application for Enrolment” forms and make an appointment for an interview and tour. This way you will really be able to understand the St Benedict’s Culture.

God Bless

Darren McDonald

Principal, St Benedict’s School,