Religious Education

St Benedict’s School is committed to offering each child the experience to develop their understanding of the Catholic faith. We teach Religious Education lessons every day for 30 minutes, all teachers at our school undergo specialised training to be able to deliver this content with confidence and expert knowledge.

Through our Religion curriculum we aim to promote integrated personal development which encourages students to develop into Christian men and women who have learned to serve and be responsible for themselves and others.

Over the year each class will be taught a total of 8 different units, each catering for a specific area of the Catholic Religion. The focus of each unit links to either an important time in the Catholic calendar, the Sacred Sacraments or Catholic customs and traditions. The unit focuses are listed below

  • Prayer
  • Church
  • Lent/Easter
  • Baptism
  • Penance
  • Eucharist
  • Confirmation
  • Advent/ Christmas

Sacramental Program

At St Benedict’s School the Sacramental program offers an approach that is family focused, parish based and school supported.

This approach is based on the understanding that parents, with the support of the school and parish, have the responsibility for passing on our Christian faith, values, traditions, beliefs and stories to the children of our parish community.

Older children are welcome to join the program, please enquire about preparation that may be required. For children attending non-Catholic schools there is a compulsory two year preparation for Sacraments.

Children need to have been baptised before receiving any of the other Sacraments. Receiving a Sacrament of Initiation involves becoming an active member of our Church community and there is a need for the children to understand the commitment they are making, as well as feel encouraged and supported by our Parish. It is expected that the children will regularly attend Sunday Mass.

Below are links to information regarding our parish sacramental program, including the enrolment form

Any questions regarding the Sacramental program, please direct to the Parish Sacramental coordinator

Colleen Geldenhuys

Parish Manager/Sacramental Coordinator
Catholic Parish of Applecross
115 Ardross Street
Ardross WA 6153
Tel: 08-9364 1120
Fax: 08-9316 9587