Student Leadership Policy

Originally Created: 2015
Review: 2016


Genuine leadership calls us to serve others in order to create a more peaceful and compassionate world. Leaders strive to embody leadership with love and compassion for the sake of others, themselves and the world.

It is widely recognised that leadership qualities develop over time as people experience more opportunities to lead. At St Benedict’s school we believe that all students should develop their leadership potential. The students’ focus is to lead like Jesus in their words and actions.


  • Through a shared vision, students will develop their leadership potential from Year 4 – Year 6 through formal and informal leadership roles, as outlined below.
  • As students progress through each year level, their leadership responsibility will progressively increase.
  • Year 6 students are given formal leadership titles, including:
    • Head Boy
    • Head Girl
    • Faction Captains: 2 per faction
  • Class teachers will integrate leadership into classroom discussions through the year.


See the table below for an outline of roles and responsibilities for Year 4-6

Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Waste Wise Schools: Year 4 to administer Administer the school Token System Head boy/Head girl
Year 5 students to provide a short handover, regarding duties for the following year School fortnightly newspaper Faction Captains
Leadership talks in class throughout the year. Head Boy/Girl and Faction Captains to speak to Year 5, regarding process of choosing Head boy and Head girl School Committee, Sport, Events, Environment, Christian
  Year 5 students to assist Year 6’s in faction carnivals Run School Fun Days
  Leadership talks in class throughout the year. Administer ‘Making Jesus Real’ activities
  Assist in‘Making Jesus Real’ activities. Leadership talk in class throughout the year

Year 6 Formal Leadership Role Descriptions:

  • The formal leadership roles at the school will be voted by a collection of staff and students from Year 4-6, with the final decision to be at the discretion of the school leadership team.

Head Boy/Head Girl

  • Run the assembly, introduce and thank guest speakers
  • Represent the school at formal events
  • Take part in leadership activities outside the school
  • Go to person for younger students with issues and problems
  • Run tours of the school if needed.

Faction Captains

  • Run Faction meeting prior to carnivals, tell students what to bring and what races they will be in.
  • Help organise equipment and photocopy run sheet for carnivals
  • Lead Factions at the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals
  • Lead Factions during marches
  • Lead cheering at Factions carnivals
  • Organise faction files at carnivals
  • Run team warm ups
  • Lead the cheers at carnivals.

Interschool Captains

  • Leadership opportunities will be available to students throughout the year. Although we believe students need to experience disappointment to help them to be able to function in the real world as they develop into teenagers and adults, we also realise that these students are still children and are still finding out what they are passionate about and what they are good at.
  • Students who do not already have a leadership position will be given every opportunity to attain one throughout the year by showing dedication to the area through a positive attitude and leadership attributes such as setting a good example by attending the majority of out of school sessions and notifying the teacher of a reason when they can’t be present.
  • The attitude inside and outside the classroom will be positive and they will be doing their best in all areas of school life.
  • This may mean that the best performing student may not get the job as some students are more natural and developed than others, but under the principle “everyone deserves the right to shine” if a student portrays the characteristics above then they will be chosen to be a leader.
  • Positions will not be presented to students as a token gesture, students must earn them.

Year 6 Leadership Committees:

Year 6 students will be divided into 4 equal groups at the start of each year. Each group will be assigned a committee, which they will be a part of for the term. Throughout the year every student will each committee.

At the end of each year, there will be a review of the committee in terms of the job allocation, what should be celebrated and what needs to be reviewed.

Year 6 Leadership Committees – Roles & Responsibilities

Sport Committee Environment Committee
Repair sports equipment Water Pre Primary herb garden
Keep sport shed tidy Monitor all class plants
Organise tabloid sport days Empty paper recycling bins
Help teachers on Friday sports day with any equipment Ensure undercover area is clean after recess and lunch
Insure class sports kit are full Duty files
Pump up balls Run nude food day
Extra help at sport events Organise and run clean up Aus. Day
Events Committee Christian Committee
Assembly set upFlags Organising and running any event that raises money for charity
Gates Church power point
Golden bin Lost property
Sound system Liturgical singing
School I.T (computers, Ipads, I.T issues) Class bibles