Issues / Concerns Policy

Originally Created: 2015
Review: 2018

In the event that you have some issues or concerns regarding your child’s schooling we would ask that follow the process below.

  1. Make an appointment with the classroom teacher using the forms available outside each classroom.
  2. If you are not happy with the outcome of the meeting with the teacher, notify the teacher and fill in a request for a three way interview form, located in the office.
  3. A three way meeting with be scheduled with the Teacher and appropriate Assistant Principal for your child’s year level.
  4. If a resolution is not found during this three way meeting, an interview with the Principal may be scheduled.

If you wish to schedule a meeting with a teacher via email, simply fill in the PDF below and send as an attachment. Any requests for formal meetings will not be scheduled without completion of the appropriate forms.

Please find the attached meeting request forms available for download:

If you require further information about this policy, please see your child’s class teacher or a member of the school administration.

When dealing with an issue or concern regarding your child’s schooling it is important to note:

  • That it is important to remain calm and objective.
  • Determine whether this adverse situation can be a learning experience for your child. Can they work this problem out for themselves?
  • Talking to other parents about your concerns can create confusion and uncertainty and be detrimental to the community; Please keep issues confidential.
  • Make an appointment through the correct channels –through the office or via an email or a sealed note to the teacher.
  • Avoid approaching the teacher first thing in the morning and expecting an appointment on the spot.
  • We are here to help so try to stay calm and avoid approaching the teacher on the defensive.
  • Be prepared to listen to the teacher and be open to discuss the issue.
  • If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the teacher, let the teacher know that you are taking the matter to the Leadership Team or the Principal.
  • Always respect the dignity of all parties involved.
  • All matters concerning all individuals are of a confidential nature and should remain so under all circumstances.
  • Teacher Assistants are not at liberty to discuss school matters with parents. Please do not approach them for information.
  • Anonymous letters, petitions, letters signed by groups of parents, group meeting requests and the like are not in line with how we as a Catholic Community deal with issues and concerns. These methods to resolve issues are considered intimidating will not be acknowledged.
  • We believe that we are a great school. From time to time issues will occur, we need you to work calmly and rationally with us to come to a resolution together.
  • When you accept the offer to enrol your child at St Benedict’s you agree to support and trust the staff who are employed by the school and the policies that exist within it.
  • At all times remember that you are in partnership with the school and decisions are made with the best intentions and interest of all children.

“Celebrate what is right with the world do not Wallow in what is wrong with it!”