Counselling Corner

The School Social Worker is available Tuesday and Thursday 9.30-2.30 to support the students, staff and families of St Benedicts School Community.

  • The School Social Worker assists and supports students where social and emotional issues may be impacting on the child’s ability to learn, thrive or be happy at school
  • Provides advice and information to staff and parents on resources and referral to community agencies/supports where appropriate
  • Provides a grief and loss program for children who have experienced the loss of a significant person or the grief and loss associated with parental separation.

Presenting Issues that may benefit from referral to a Social Worker

  • Significant change or loss in the family through separation, death of a loved, where it impacts the child’s behaviour at school impacting on their school relationships or ability to learn
  • Reluctance to attend school
  • Friendship or social difficulties
  • Anxiety or Depression in the student or the family where it impacts on the student’s engagement/learning at school
  • Difficulty settling/adjusting in at school, including separation anxiety
  • Developmental or behavioural issues that affect learning/engaging at school.

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If you feel your child would benefit from the support of the School Social Worker please complete a Social Work Referral form. Email completed form to